A unique approach to transformative drug discovery.

Our platform utilizes unique, high-quality, single-cell resolution inputs to enable an end-to-end Al/ML solution to repeatedly generate disease-modifying medicines against dysfunctional cellular biology without starting from a target.


Combining state-of-the-art algorithms with proprietary multimodal datasets, our lab-in-the-loop computational platform unifies biological and chemical space, which enables us to unlock insights others can’t.

Cellarity Map

Revealing novel biology at single-cell resolution

We start by collecting single-cell transcription profiles from both healthy and diseased human tissues. This data forms the foundation for constructing the Cellarity Map, a dynamic digital representation of transcriptional data at the single-cell level. This data-rich mapping approach allows us to identify the network of genes that are changing when cells transition between a state of health to disease.

Cellular Dysfunction

Targeting Cellular Dysfunction

Cellarity’s proprietary Intervention Library (IL) predicts the impact of perturbations on specific cell behaviors and selects compounds that will influence the transcriptional signatures of disease towards health. We then experimentally confirm what our algorithms predict through in-vitro and in-vivo models. 

Design and optimize new medicines

The insights from these validations serve as the basis for engineering novel chemical entities. This transformative process leverages machine learning techniques to distill critical elements from successful interventions, learning from their structural, protein, and network attributes. Our unique approach is designed to revolutionize drug discovery, ultimately creating differentiated drugs currently out of reach.

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