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Cell Behavior

All life starts from a single cell—the fundamental unit of biology. The cell integrates the full complexity of networked biology into its behavior. In virtually all diseases, cell behaviors—or misbehaviors—are causal and readily identifiable. Thus, understanding, targeting and changing cell behaviors is key to reversing the course of disease.

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The Cellarity Platform pairs new approaches in computation and machine learning with advances in high-resolution cell data to create medicines from a cell-centric vantage point. For the first time, we can model cell behaviors and predict interventions to change them. This allows Cellarity to design cell behavior targeted (CBT) medicines that influence the cell as a whole and harness the complexity of human biology.

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Cellarity’s cell-centric approach enables us to pioneer a new generation of medicines that target and change cell behaviors to treat disease. This vantage point opens treatment avenues in countless diseases, including many that have been overlooked or have been too complex to resolve with traditional approaches. We have already identified a number of Cell Behavior Targeting compounds and validated their effects with in vitro and in vivo disease models. We are progressing programs in hematology, immune-oncology, metabolism and respiratory diseases.

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Join Us

Cellarity has a blended team of experts in therapeutic development, genomics technology, systems biology, digital science and AI who are collaborating in an innovative way to usher in a new era of drug development. Our shared focus is to create breakthrough medicines that change the lives of patients in a wide range of diseases.

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