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Cellarity is the first company developing medicines through an understanding of cell behaviors, to dramatically improve the success rate of drug discovery

Digitizing, Exploring and Navigating Disease Landscapes

The proper behavior of cells is fundamental to human health. Complex networks of cellular molecular components lead to healthy behaviors or, when they go awry, to disease behaviors. Most efforts in drug discovery have focused on the molecular components in isolation, rather than in the cells themselves.

Cellarity is pioneering a new path.

Cellarity’s platform digitizes the molecular information in cells to elucidate how they behave in health and disease. By computationally tying these newly mapped cellular behaviors to drug action, Cellarity designs medicines that navigate living systems from disease to health. Our approach dramatically increases the probability of success for new medicines to treat patients.

The Cellarity Map™ – Exploring and Navigating Disease Cell Behaviors

Cellarity Map

1. Select Drug

1. Select Drug

2. Select Biological Magnification

Tisue Cellular Molecular

2. Select Biological Magnification

Tisue Cellular Molecular

  • City: Comprehensive view of all cell behaviors
  • Neighborhood: Populations of cells with related behaviors
  • Building: Population of individual cells with common behaviors

  • Room: Individual cell defined by molecular components
  • Blue: Healthy cell behaviors
  • Red: Diseased cell behaviors

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Cellarity transforms physical biology and drug action into digital representations by generating fit-for-purpose cellular and molecular data that are machine interpretable.

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Cellarity leverages machine learning to uncover and exploit unappreciated molecular and cellular behaviors to generate highly potent therapeutic candidate hypotheses.

Artificial Intelligence
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Cellarity develops medicines by iteratively testing and curating new approaches to manipulate molecular and cellular behaviors across a wide variety of diseases.