Rewriting the rules of drug creation

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Unraveling the complexity of disease biology

At Cellarity, we are fundamentally redesigning the way drugs are created. We remain unsatisfied with the excessive clinical failure rate of the current drug discovery approach. By shifting the focus from a single molecular target to the underlying cellular dysfunction, we unravel the complexity of disease biology to create medicines never before possible.

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From drug discovery to drug creation

Unlike conventional drug discovery, which attempts to reduce disease to single causal targets, Cellarity’s approach leverages a deep understanding of disease biology. Our approach is a more robust path for drug creation because we target the whole cell—the complex, networked living system that is the ultimate integrator of human biology.

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A unique approach with the potential to address a vast array of diseases

The Cellarity platform provides critical insights into cellular dysfunction and reveals new biology that we can use to treat disease. This vantage point opens treatment avenues in countless diseases, including many that have been overlooked or have been too complex to resolve with traditional approaches. With programs in hematology, immuno-oncology and metabolism, we are pioneering a new generation of medicines.

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Be part of a new era of drug creation

Cellarity has an interdisciplinary team of experts with a distinctive track record of innovation. Our team brings together diverse expertise across many fields. We are developing a new generation of multilingual scientists who can integrate genomic technologies, systems biology, data science and artificial intelligence (AI), to create a new generation of therapies.

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