The Platform

Architecting an entirely new platform for drug discovery


Armed with Cellarity Maps, we use a 3-step process to identify cell behavior targeted medicines.

Cellarity Maps identify cell behaviors

We use the maps to identify cell behaviors that can be targeted to resolve a disease.

Multi-thousand-dimensional blueprint that alters cell behaviors

We convert the cell behavior change into a digitally addressable set of behaviors and uncover a multi-thousand-dimensional blueprint that alters cell behaviors.

Predict and create molecules that will change cell behaviors

We use proprietary machine learning algorithms and AI-augmented drug design to predict and create molecules that will change cell behaviors.

The Cellarity platform has immense potential and breadth.


The cell-centric approach allows for a more comprehensive understanding of biological change. It allows Cellarity’s platform to predict molecules that very specifically target the cell behavior changes that underlie the disease of interest. This approach has already produced drug candidates that better address the specific biology of disease. It also increases our ability to find treatments to complex, underlying biological problems that have defied solutions. As such, the platform produces Cell Behavior Targeted candidates with higher likelihood of clinical efficacy. Our platform generates hits rapidly, reducing the time and investment required in the discovery phase to bring effective new treatments to patients.

Robust Outcomes

Faster Discovery

We compress the time it takes to identify drug candidates through rapid digital predictions, eliminating the long screening process

Predictable Clinical Success

Cell behavior is a more accurate representation of disease than a single molecular target, so the activity of therapeutic candidates will likely be more predictable in the clinic

Breakthrough Treatments

Through our cell-centric approach, we can target diseases for which there are currently no known targets, or where the molecular targeted approach does not adequately capture the complexity of the biology

Limitless Potential

Since cell behavior underlies all disease, we are able to apply this approach broadly in any disease areas