Our Culture

Our Culture

At Cellarity, we are actively developing people with the potential to change the course of medicine. We believe that being your best Cellf™ stems from striving for excellence, hard work, and rigorous experimentation. As such, we hire top talent from diverse areas of expertise and foster a culture of learning from one another and growing together. As a result, all Cellarity employees directly contribute and help realize our shared mission of creating a powerful, radical new approach to drug discovery.

How we work

How we think drives how we behave. Learn more about our single Cellarity mindset.

Push boundaries.

We are creating a legacy with breakthrough science in the service of patients. We're doing this by engineering drugs with a thoughtful approach focused on the whole cell.

Own it.

We transcend our job descriptions and relentlessly follow through on our commitments. We do this by having personal accountability for our work.

Energize others.

We are easy to work with and build strength from differing perspectives. We do this by cultivating a supportive and inclusive environment.

Act with urgency.

We are improving the efficiency of outdated approaches to drug discovery. We do this by working quickly and with conviction. We are eager to learn from data to iterate.

Tell it like it is.

We give regular feedback on behaviors and are accountable for how we treat people. We do this by asking questions and building trust with our team.

What we offer

We have a diverse community at Cellarity with diverse needs and preferences for benefits. Explore our wide range of benefits here and if you join, choose what works for you.

Highlights include:

  • Flexible work schedules
  • High-quality medical and dental benefits at a low cost to employees
  • Transportation benefits
  • Mental health and well-being support
  • Subsidized lunch onsite
  • Employee assistance programs
  • And more

What we strive for

Above all, we offer fulfilling jobs to create a legacy in science and impact patients’ lives. All Cellarity employees help realize our shared mission.

We also stimulate growth, scientific advancement, collaboration and personal development through:

  • Collaborative chalk talks bringing together thought leaders from a range of organizations
  • Customized leadership development training curriculum (“Leadership@Cellarity”) for leaders at all levels
  • Our modern space, which is located less than one mile from Kendall Square in Somerville, MA

Find out more about current job openings at Cellarity.

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Cellarity's Unique Approach
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Diversity and Inclusion are the Keys to Maximizing our Impact

Cellarity is developing the future of scientific teams by harnessing diverse skills and backgrounds in drug development, systems biology, data generation, and computational sciences. These technological advances have given rise to a new type of organization—having a “multilingual” team that thrives from its broad range of perspectives and experiences.